Cakes That Are Perfect For Every Occasion

Who can scratch his head to pick the right cake for a special occasion? After all, every cake is special and delicious. It is true that different occasions are associated with special kinds of cakes but you can still choose any cake for any occasion. Earlier only few shapes and designs of cakes were available but now you can find infinite varieties of cakes. So, there are some types of cakes that are perfect for every occasion and will make the occasion more special and spectacular.


Heart Shape Cake

For a romantic occasion heart shape cake is perfect. When it comes to confess love to someone then it is perfect to show your love for someone. But this is also perfect for any special occasion whether you have your daughter’s birthday party, mother’s day or your dad’s retirement party. A heart shape cake can be the best to create a loving atmosphere and the occasion special for everyone.

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Tier Cake

This is mainly associated with wedding and wedding anniversary but now people opt for tier cakes for big celebrations and parties. If the function/event is big and lots of guests has invited in the party then tier cake satisfies the needs. So, you can buy tier cake online for any special occasion.

Eggless Cake

There is always one person who is a vegan and if he/she is your close friend then it’s difficult to serve them cake. So for them and for everyone else an eggless cake is perfect. You can buy eggless cake online where you will get in variant flavors like butterscotch, black forest, red velvet, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, fresh fruits etc.



Cupcakes are in the shape of a cup that is also perfect for any special occasion especially when it for someone special in your life. Tiny cupcakes are perfect to share happiness with dear ones as this brings wide smile on everyone’s face.


Photo Cake

The most picked and popular cake in today’s time is photo cakes. This is also known as personalized or customized cakes. One can personalize this by adding their pictures in the cake. This is mostly used in corporate events but is perfect for every special occasion even for gifting also. You can buy and send photo cake to India online for your dear ones.


So, these are the best five varieties of cakes that are perfect for any special occasion. You can buy cake online where you will get more varieties of cakes to choose from which you can opt for gifting purpose also.


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